Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Enjoying our Pair of Wood Thrush This Morning

So much cool avian activity still, I guess we have been here long enough now that the birds are more comfortable again having their nests up closer to the house-which gives them closer access to water-the pond, and the feeders.

I had forgotton when we first moved here, there was too much vegetation up right against the house, the roses I moved to the back and to the side and that is where these wood thrush have their nests.

They didn't come out at dusk last night, but the pair is very active this morning. They come up right outside our bay window just now so I could get a really good view.

Thrush mostly eat insects and fruit, and that's what they are doing now hopping around looking for bugs. I checked online for more information about them, and discovered their name here is the wood thrush and they nest just inside the woods line.

photo from here


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