Friday, April 30, 2010

Big T Storm Still Coming-Doings

This morning, I did one more load of laundry and hung it out on the line to dry, and had Larry fire up the mower-Been mowing for over 3 hours-got lots more mowed.

I was headed back to the house to park, and I ran out of gas-I knew I was getting close, cause I was getting a big sinus headache from mowing. It's back by the tree line-in back of the garden. Oh well-I took out some plastic to cover it up good.

Larry is working on fixing the big mower, so when that happens I will have him teach me how to run it.

At the bird feeders-the gold finches are in full color now, a few more hummingbirds have arrived, and we still have the usual visitors too-woodpeckers, buntings, blue birds, cardinals, and more.

I also put out orange quarters cause I want to attract in the orioles-can't remember when they arrive now. They are only at the feeders a very short time, til they go off in the woods to make a nest and raise their families.

I got a surprise in the mail today-a spring post card from one of my quilting friends-love getting mail. My Mom should get her lavender pillow today in the mail-am anxious to her reaction.-lol

Facebook-I decided to cancel my account over there, I only opened up one so I could view photos of a couple friends and family, but I really don't like it over there Not into all those games they have. I have been cross posting from here, but I am always concerned about the security over there-so I just canceled so as not to even worry about it. I did have my security set up pretty private, but they always seem to be in the news over their security on Facebook.

Once I get rid of my headache, I think I may work on my rug hooking a bit. Need to unplug all the big electronics soon too, the storms with higher winds, hail, etc should be here any time now. Alot of times these really bad ones go around us-that would be good.

Enjoy your friday and upcoming weekend.


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