Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vintage Quilt Top and Rug Cutters

Remember a few weeks ago I picked up this pretty quilt top at the resale shop? and for just $6.50-such a deal. I loved the fact too that it was all hand pieced. Things like this I just have a passion for rescuing and finishing.

I have been thinking of picking up a wool batting-it is suppose to be much easier on my shoulder for handquilting. I love the properties of wool, but the price is not too bad but haven't jumped right in and picked up one yet. However, last night I remembered that I had a piece of wool batting, that came with that bale of organic cotton Sandy and I bought. So I just dug that out, it is white, I had it labled for a crib quilt, but I am discovering that it is folded in half-so I just may be able to squeeze this out for the batting. that would be awesome cause I could try out the wool and not have alot of money added to this project.

Now to go thru my stash of muslins, I am thinking this needs to have a white backing since the neutrals used are white, and I usually only buy unbleached-so will check that out, and see if I already have material I can use. Sooo I need to call my neighbor friend up and see if I can borrow her carpeted living room floor again soon-lol

On another note, I had sent in those rug cutters to be sharpened, and yesterday late I got a call. He says these cutters are really really old aren't they? I say yes they are, my Mom bought this back in the late 50s or early 60s. So he explains to me, there is nothing left to be sharpened-lol. He was so nice about explaining everything to me, I decided I really want to do this, so I bought two new cutter heads-and he is sooo much cheaper than I have seen anywhere else online. He is the manufacuturer, and he is selling them to me at his suggested retail price. So happy about that.

I went thru some of my wool stash, and found some pieces that will look nice in that star pattern I have already. My Mom used the finest cutters availble-less than 1/8" wide strips, so I asked him what sizes are used for the primitives-which are closer to 1/4" wide-so that is what I have coming.

Another dreary day today-but they say the sun is returning thursday and friday before another cold wave over the weekend.

Note-having trouble with the photo feature can view quilt here


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