Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Just May be Arriving-and my "Doings" Updates

Another gorgeous day of sunshine is promised, and the temps will get up to 50, and a little warmer each day now for a bit. I sure hope we have seen the last of old man winter for now. by saturday the night temps will finally get out of the teens and 20s-thats a big big plus for me-won't be so cold in the house then.

I am anxious to go thru some of my containers for gardening this weekend-and perhaps plant some pea pods, and see what other cool weather veggies I have seeds for.

I also picked up a little bag of soil less mix for starting seeds, so I will plant one large flat that just fits in my garden window soon. Will start seeds for peppers, tomatoes for sure, and perhaps a few flowers to get a jump on those.

The birds have been singing more in the early morning too-and I just love that. The deer are still coming by, Sandy and I are still feeding them cracked corn til we have more clover and greens up and growing. Once I am out of corn I will not re buy now.

Last year someone gave us a shelving unit that looks like rod iron but isn't. Was probably made to be in the kitchen, but I am going to look for planters that will fit it, and put this inside the gate where Nikita is and plant some veggies in it. Hopefully Nikita won't bother it, and for sure the deer can't get to it lol Some lettuce and greens would be nice there, and perhaps some herbs-can walk right out and grab some for cooking.

Can you tell I am getting the spring fever now??

I feel really good now about going thru stuff again-I have 4 boxes packed and labeled to go off to the resale shop. I have another box for a donation, and I have a big pile of books to take into the book resale shop, and I have some up for sale again. I still have two corners in my craft room to organize-which is my dye stuff, and wool and weaving stuff-once thats done I should be able to move around in there better.

The other day we went to a little quilt shop that we really like, and one of the ladies there has many years experience of hand quilting-so I was able to sit down and talk with her about the new battings available now and what she thought of them. She absolutely just loves the new washable wool by Hobbs-I have read alot about that, and now I am convinced to try it. I think it will be wonderful for my 1800s quilt. I also got to see samples of the new soy-cotton, and bamboo-cotton battings-sooo soft.

I also learned, as I told her about our organic cotton we are using-she was familiar with it-it is called cotton leaves-cause you tear off layers of it for your batting-that cotton is one of the hardest to hand quilt-and cause of that she said she no longer hand quilts with 100% cottons-they aggravate her arthritis and shoulder too much. So now I don't feel so bad about my hard time with it. I think I will use up what I have for machine quilting-learning how to use Sandys long arm this year. The biggest problem with this stuff is that it is hard to get it thin enough as you peel off the layers to hand quilt easily-I think my quilt that is on the frame is still a bit too thick without struggling with it. So I was going to sit down at the frame, try one more time and if it doesn't go well-I am taking it off and will machine quilt it.

The little vintage top I picked up washed up beautifully, so will try one of the newer battings in that one, and put on the quilt frame.

That's about all my ramblings for now.

Lots of fiber festivals, garage sales, quilt shows and such will be starting this saturday-so Sandy and I will be busy going to those in March and April when they all "kick off" the new year of sales and great finds.


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