Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing a Nicer Way to Ship Packages

I seem to ship out alot of packages, either mailing out books and stuff I have sold, or sending out little packages to friends- and I always add delivery confirmation on most of them too

Well, Larry is going thru his stuff now and he is on a list where he is selling and trading. So, I have a postal scale and I always now compare regular priority mail in my box or the usps box, to their new flat rate boxes. Now the flat rate boxes end up being a good buy if you are mailing something heavy and a few states over from where you are mailing from. So I weigh and check the price on both ways.

Books only can go the cheapest by mediamail but I usually add the .80 delivery confirmation on top of the mailing price. theses costs can add up.

Last week I mailed out alot of stuff, this week I decided to check out what the print and pay label online was all about on their site-usps

What a savings-they give you up to 14% off the price right away and they add delivery confirmation for free-I love it!! I could have saved so much money in the last few weeks. You just print it off on your computer, pay with a credit card-I wish they had a paypal choice or out of my checking account-but this works.

You don't even need a sticky label-just tape all the edges down good.

wanted to share in case you haven't checked this out yet-wonderful!! here is the link also, in case you are not aware, you can order any of their boxes online too for free.


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