Monday, March 29, 2010

My Rigby Wool Strips Cutting Machine-Too Much Fun-LOL

Larry put this together for me this morning. I had gotton the new cutter head in last week-a #8 that works out be the 1/4" strip. This is the rigby cutter that holds a single cutter and was at the bottom of a dollar garage sale box-everything there but the cutter-quite a find, since these machines run around $200.00 now.

I went ahead last week and order the next two cutter heads down-#7 and #6 so I will have a slight variety of widths. Those Larry will set up for me in my Moms rigby cutter which holds two cutters.

This little vintage school desk that I have it on, works out perfectly and I have a little bench that is the right height too. This little school desk was one my old high school had in all its class rooms, when my brother went to school there, they started selling these off and putting in more modern desks. He picked up one for me and one for him. I love this little desk.

Now this is just way too much fun this morning, cutting these little strips of wool-lol-especially knowing I paid around a dollar or little more per wool garment-washed and dried in hot temperatures, took apart and now I can cut them up. To buy new wool it runs around $25.00 a yard-so I can play and not worry about the cost-lol

The sun is out now, but still in the 30s til it warms up to the low 60s today.

I am off to make up my laundry soap, bleech, and fabric softener supplies.

Happy Monday-Enjoy your new week!


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