Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Greener Household Cleaning Discovery

Twenty Mule Team Borox These past few days I am discovering that this has more uses for cleaning around the house than just as an ingredient in my Laundry Soap recipes.

I had decided beforehand that when I ran out of cleanser for scrubbing the porcelein tub and such I would look for a greener sollution. I have used baking soda for scrubbing before and works so so. I decided to try out borox-wow it works really well-like gets it clean like the cleansers do.

Well, today I am scrubbing up some more kitchen items that we uncovered in more boxes-these are in a corner in Larrys shop building. One of the items I found was my Grandmas old pan she used for frying chicken. Remember those? They are usually made of heavy aluminum with a nice high rounded lid, and this one has a steam vent too. Well it really needed a good scrubbing. I looked up online how to clean aluminum and they said to boil the pan in vinegar water for about 10 minues. Pour off the water and scrub. Sooo I did that and scrubbed with borox-wow-it's clean now-lol

Just had to share in case some of you all thought 20 mule team borox was only for the laundry too.

and for fun a little history on the 20 mule team

Twenty-mule team in Death Valley, California


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