Friday, March 19, 2010

My Day Today-a Few Photos

Once it started to warm up mid-day-then it really warmed up alot. Full sunshine, along with a cool wind.

We have talked about our garden space a bit this winter, and Larry has been collecting the neighbors old barb wire so he can put me up a fence-mostly to keep the deer out. They are just impossible, and although I don't mind sharing my garden with the neighborhood critters-they don't share-they eat and destroy everything. lol-and I have alot of wildlife here-what finally did it for me was the amardilos digging up my sweet potatoes, and the turtles eating my grapes and strawberries.

I had pretty much given up on this spot in 2008 and last year I did nothing to it-was just too aggravating for me. The soil is horrible here-I have put alot of organic matter in, and manure, but just not enough yet. So we will work on it again this year. I pulled the tall spent weeds around my blueberries-which got really set back from the ice storms, and late spring freezes here, but they still look alive.

Larry then roto tilled around two areas for a fire break, and we burnt threw those areas. We need to move our shallots (came from Larry's grandfather that he brought back from Israel) or I am going to lose them this year if I don't move them. A couple years back the birds planted the wild blackberries and they have just taken over where I planted the shallots. That is another project to get rid of also-those wild blackberries in my garden. I am going to have to break down and use some roundup to get things in control again-I so much do not want to use that stuff-but just impossible here otherwise.

I spotted the wild missouri roses greening up, and a batch of daffodils (from my grandmothers garden) blooming today. I am hoping the weekend cold snap does not hurt the unopened blooms.

And I did have tea, and Autumn joined us (napping) After we burnt the garden Larry sat down at the picnic table too, and I said how about some tea-oh that would be nice. So I made another pot and brought out another cup. Nice---


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