Monday, March 29, 2010

Making up my Laundry Supplies This Morning

I thought I would repost my link again, for my new readers or if you missed the recipes. Kathyinozarks Laundry recipes

This will take you to my photo album to view the process, and also there you will find a link to my recipes. These are my standard recipes now, that I use all the time.

I make up a double batch of the liquid-jel laundry soap and it fills my tall 5 gallon pail to the top. This will last me 6 months. I also make up a batch of the dry laundry soap recipe and use this for really greasy clothes. I was able to buy a big bag of the fels napha bar soap and I use that for this recipe. If you have sensitive skin don't use for your detergent, I only use this for Larry's clothes when he works on heavy equipment.

I also really like the fabric softener recipe-it uses baking soda, vinegar, and water. I set up one bottle plain, and the other I put in a few drops of essential lavender oil.

My bleech recipe works the best if you can hang your clothes on the line in full sun-it uses lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide in the recipe.

I think in a couple hours we will be warmed up outside enough, so I can finally get my seed starting tray washed and rinse with bleech water, and get planted.


Just joking-lol-however I did meet a lady at a weaving expo that still washed her clothes in a copper tub over a campfire in the summertime-and loved it.


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