Sunday, March 21, 2010

A little Quilting Today

This is far from my best hand quilting, but I was able to get this first flower completed and a few leaves-remember those leaves from the baby quilt? I really like that pattern-so these leaves will be going in the sashings, along with those flowers at the corners.

I need to get some thimbles that fit-all of mine are too big and while I made do with no thimble on the smaller quilts-this really needs one or I won't have any fingers left-lol-I think this is doable-I really wanted this one hand quilted, I took a whole bag of batting layers out of this quilt, and re basted, but I can see now, I gotta remember that this stuff needs to be even thinner-and then it will quilt up easier.

I decided on shrimp stir fry tonight with brown rice-later


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