Sunday, March 7, 2010

A little Fun with the Veggie Pots-a couple photos

You can tell a storm is brewing, as it is quite windy, cloudy, and not feeling super warm, but it definately feels and smells like spring-I just love it.

The other day Sandy and I looked around for long planter liners to fit on my rack, not much stuff for gardening is out yet, and what I measured just won't fit. I think this was a bakers rack or something intended for the kitchen, so not going to find the right size. My length here is about an inch smaller than what is made for those planters. Which is ok, I don't want to spend much money on this project, so this morning I looked around for things that would fit and would work out.

I also don't know if Nikita will bother the plants. She doesn't like it, when we put stuff in her space, and she loves healthy foods-so we'll see what develops. I planted chives in the little pot on top, I also planted bok choy, spinach, turnip tops, carrots, and a really nice greens mix with all kinds of different things in it. It says it likes some shade so those are in the lower shelves.

On the outside I planted the big silver tub with pea pods, a few more turnip greens in one of the containers, and I also cleared an area and planted some edible chrysanthemums-it is an oriental green we use to grow-and just loved it. I saw the seed at Bakers seeds in Missouri so I bought a package. They get 4 feet tall with pretty floweres, so you eat the greens while real young, and then later enjoy the flowers. I didn't realize I didn't have any swiss chard or would have planted that too.

I don't know how much trouble the deer are going to give me with my containers, the ones I have on the far left side of the house, I may need to move to the front or the other side-cause I think they spotted those. lol

Next up is to plant my flat of seeds, some different peppers and tomatoes, herbs, signets.

We are still clearing a few things out of the hallway and one large thing was my antique school desk-it actually came out of the high school I attended-and when my brother went there they took out all the antique furniture and put in new. (bet it didn't last as long as this vintage furniture) Jerry bought a desk for me and one for him. It is the perfect size to put a sewing machine on. I had invisioned a spot for it, in my craft room, to put my Grandmas old converted to electric sewing machine on-it has only a straight stitch-but is heavy duty and excellent for sewing jeans. Larry said it would never fit in my room-well I moved things around just a bit - and it will fit perfect-and plenty of room to sew there too. I am waiting to see how long it takes him to realize I moved the desk out of the hallway-giggling.

And thats the wood I have been stacking-and I did it myself-lol


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