Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Monday-doings

Good morning Monday,

My head is still in a fog with allergies as springtime approaches, and the gloomy looking weather and no sunshine for days again-is not helping.

We are still going thru some boxes of things in the house and deciding to sell, giveaway or find a place for. We also have friends coming down in early part of April (5 people) so need to clean, and find places for them to sleep.

I have also decided I gotta get back to my morning protein shakes. I quit doing that over the winter months, cause I was just cold all the time this year. But, I have gained about 5 pounds that needs to come off-and the protein shakes are good eats, and acutally fun to make.

I have a good whey powder that I add to either water or soymilk, sometimes yogurt-that is added to the blender-and then I go in the freezer and put in about 1/2 cup of fruit-blend it all up-and I have a healthy meal-that fills me up. So I am off to make that today.

I also decided yesterday to take the quilt off the hand quilt frame that I have been attempting to handquilt. I am still struggling with it-I still have the batting too thick-so I am going to try hand quilting this in my lap or on my desk, like I did those baby quilts-and if I am still struggling with it-cause the cotton batting is too thick for the needle-I will take out what I have hand quilted and learn to use Sandys long arm.

Sandy and I stopped in a nearby quilt shop that we really love, and I was able to sit down to talk to one of the owners that is a master handquilter. I was explaining that we got this bale of organic cotton batting and how you take it off in layers to use, and I keep getting it too thick. she is smiling and said yes you are working with cotton leaves-cause you pull off the layers. wow, I finally ran into someone that really knew what I was working with.

She said she has since given up handquilting with 100% cotton cause it gives her too much pain-I told her I thought it was just me, cause I already have pain issues-and she says no. she has switched to the new 100% wool battings-and handquilting is a pleasure now-so I have decided to use this cotton batting for machine quilting, and to stuff pillows and things with-and hand quilt with wool or to try the new bamboo or soy battings.

I have other projects I want to spend my time on, and this quilt is going to be used so just want it finished, so we can enjoy it-I already have way too much time involved in this piece.

I am hoping this afternoon we may get to see a little sunshine-that would be fabulous.

Enjoy your Monday!


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