Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Friday-A Gorgeous Day Today is Promised

HPIM0516.jpg flower pounding spring 2-08 picture by kathyinozarks

As spring approaches, one of my new found loves here in Missouri-is flower pounding.

The upcoming blooming of violets, spring wildflowers, more greenery, and the baby red oak leaves-welcomes me to gather them up, with some muslin, my hammer and broken marble cutting board or large flat rock-and set up by the pond and pound away. These make wonderful little gifts-postcards, little sachet pillows and more. Usually sometime in April and early May is the best time here.

Above is a photo of one of my earliest pieces.

It promises to be a gorgeous sunny day-especially this afternoon when it will warm up to the low 70s. However this is just a teaser-cause tomorrow the highs are in the 40s as it lowers to cold and up to 2" of snow by Sunday morn.-Now is that anyway for Mother Nature to welcome in Spring??

But for today-perhaps a little tea party

tea-and-biscuits.jpg picture by kathyinozarks


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