Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's Definately March in the Ozarks

This week is definately a "March Spring" week. We have had sunshine, warmer temperatures, high winds, and storms.

Lots of tornados were spotted here in Missouri just a bit north east from me, but nothing caused tornado damage. Lots of hail and t storms though all around me. We did get lightening, thunder, and lots of rain-but no hail-thank goodness.

However, this morning on the news, they said there was alot of tornado damage to the south of me in Arkansas-so hope all my friends here from that state are safe.

Monday of this week when we had the high winds but with sunshine I hung out a bit of laundry-I really love that. I took this photo-similiar to the one I took last year spring.

Today we will be 20 degrees colder and will stay cool for the next week or so-but so much better than winter-I did get another 1/2 row of wood stacked yesterday afternoon before the storms.

I have been able to do a little creativity in my craft room this week too-made several spring postcards-mailed them out yesterday, and have one more to finish up.

Not sure yet what I will do today, I still need to plant a flat of seeds, and I could clean, and I could get back to my rock shower-will see what my muse inspires me to do today. lol

Enjoy your thursday


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