Friday, March 5, 2010

Good Morning Friday-Cookie Baking This Morning

We are so thankful for all this beautiful sunshine we have been getting this week. It is pretty cold right now in the twenties, so I am bundled up and making cookies. Didn't want to start up the woodstoves cause we are going to hit 60 today-Yeh!!

I still have alot of baking stuff sitting around in the kitchen, cause I never got back to it. So, I am making up a batch of "oatmeal" cookies-but I am using my spelt flakes instead of the oatmeal. I haven't purchased a bag of the gluten free oats yet to see if it my stomach can tell the difference.

I think I found a new flour combination I really like for gluten free, I can tolerate spelt but I need to change off with really gluten free too. I learned from endless that everything you need is in the Bob's Red Mill GF Pizza Mix-you just don't use the yeast for cookies and such. This is such a wonderful baking mix cause all the expensive ingredients are in there already and it is not bean flour based-which some of those really cause me problems as bad as the wheat does.

anyways-I have been combining the pizza mix with sorghum flour which is also gf and it gives the flours a nice body-I really like it.

I followed an old family recipe of oatmeal cookies that uses buttermilk, and for the sugars I cut it down to a cup and then used half brown sugar, and half dark agave, I used mostly pizza mix and about 1/4 of the total of sorghum flour, and I added seedless raisins, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, and spelt flakes.

I still want to experiment making crackers-probably make those on sunday

Tomorrow we are going to a spring garage sale in a small town near here. It is held in a very old historical building-so kinda neat. One year we found an old trunk-that redish one I cleaned up and is now full of antique kitchen stuff. Another year I bought a huge bag of vintage linens for around 3.00-cause she didn't have time to clean them up. Some years I find nothing at all, other years I find good craft or vintage items-always a fun morning out.

As soon as it warms up enough to work outside, I am going to check out my pots that are in front-and perhaps plant some pea pods and things

Enjoy you friday


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