Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun---A couple really nice little finds today

Today we needed to go to town to pick up our Angel Food orders, the truck was running late so we went to the animal shelters resale shop to kill time.

We got there right as it opened and the parking lot was filled to capacity already. Now I know this place is always super busy but was surprised about it til we walked in. They were selling off an estate that someone donated to them.

I didn't have much money to spend, but I did pick up a few nice pieces. It was worth the visit just to view everything-old sewing and weaving items, lots and lots of the real pyrex bowls, pie plates, covered glass storage containers and more. Lots of beautiful vintage kitchen items.

What caught my eye though, was a rack of little dishes of all sorts. One right away caught my eye-I love the older pieces from Japan-and I turned it over and it was occupied Japan, so of course I got really excited. I also found a little cup that was also marked occupied Japan. They look very pretty together but are not a set. At .50 a piece I couldn't resist.

I also spotted a gorgeous piece with a bird in the middle and had that pretty orange they used to use-sorry I forgot the name for that.

Larry found a glass hummingbird feeder for $5.00, and a very nice tube bird feeder also for $5.00. Happy about those, cause the price for quality feeders haven't gotton so expensive this year. So he says ok we are out of here-no more money to spend-lol

Sea, I was thinking of you, when I walked around cause you would have picked up all kinds of gorgeous things for just a few dollars.

Really cold and very very wind too today, the sun is finally trying to come out, but we have rain returning later on.


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