Saturday, March 13, 2010

Creativity-Rug Hooking

I did a previous post on this subject here As that article explains I grew up as a small child remembering the gorgeous rugs and wallhangings my Mom made with this techniqe.

Back then 100% wools were much more available and not extremely expensive. My mom would pick up light colors and redye them all. She did the East Coast method of rug hooking, using very fine cut wool to "paint" detail in her flowers, fall leaves and such.

The last few years I have collected 100% wools at the resale shops-took the clothes apart and then washed and dried them in hot water-I have a couple trunks full now.

I really have been wanting to attempt this, she has given me her hooks, cutter, and information, along with her dye notes. I will start out doing something more primitive-blocks of colors instead of shading and detailed work.

I need to go thru my wools I have collected and see what colors I have. I have burlap pieces that are marked too, one with all stars so could be done in patriotic colors. I also have a marked raggedy ann and andy piece that would be a fun rug to make as well-and go with my dolls and tea set I have.

I sent my rigby blades off to Maine to get sharpened-and will be all set to cut wool soon.

I know; Kathy does not need another project-lol-but I like to have a few different things going-so I can work on whatever I am in the mood for-lol I have embroidery going, always quilting projects, so why not rug hooking? giggling

Cold gloomy day today, along with misty type rain. So I got a good fire going and I just started a big pot of bean soup with a few ham pieces I found in the freezer. Seems like that kind of day today.


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