Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful Day Here

Wow!! It's gorgeous weather outside.

I needed to go to town, so I called and got my hair trimmed too-sooooo needed to do that-it was just looking awful. lol I keep it long, and try to keep on top of bad ends being trimmed off-but with this winter-just didn't want to go into town to do it.

I also love the way they straighten my hair afterwards, I just love the look and feel of it. So I asked her about buying one of those straighteners, she gave me some suggestions-and I checked out wal mart. Acutally I don't think I have another store choice in town for this, and I was dissappointed cause it was $50.00 and made in china as was every single one they had there. So I decided to look online later. Anyone know of a brand made in the usa that is good and not over $50.00??

The sun was out, but by noon time, I could shed my coat, as I put the groceries in the truck. So for today spring is back, and then we get lots more rain coming in and cooler daytime tempuratures too, however night time in the 40s so that will keep the house a little warmer.

I needed to find a couple glass covered containers for Larry-he is setting up his room and a little business again. He wants to get back into scope repair. I also wanted a glass covered container to make juices in or sun teas. I have a vintage one but doesn't have a top anymore. After turning over the bottoms to find where made-I was sooo happy to find what I needed made in the usa. So I was thrilled-cause I try very hard not to buy China made whenever possible. and this is even harder to find at wal marts

I also needed a second watering can for my container gardening, and I really didn't think I could find something not made in China-but I did-a big plastic one made in Canada-so I was quite pleased with my shopping.

I am off to help Larry in his shop, and enjoy this beautiful day--Later


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