Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vintage Quilt Top Find Yesterday

Yesterday when we dropped off our bag of stuff to sell, we also always walk around to see what new treasures we can find-lol The fun is the "hunt"

I really am working on being more particular of what I bring back home, cause right now the object is to get rid of un needed "stuff"

I was really good and passed up several full length 100% wool coats that were going for just a couple dollars, and I did not even look at the mens shirts cause I need to work up what I have already. I also did not go back to the little craft area in one store, and just let Sandy go thru stuff-so I wouldn't be tempted-lol

However, when I saw this little quilt top all rolled up and taped for $6.50-I had to bring this home with me-like I really need another quilting project.

When we took it to the desk we opened it up, as I wanted to make sure it was not damaged. It did have several big rust areas but Sandy said to make up a sollution of water and Biz and let it soak. I seem to find these colors too, in quilts and need to find them a home.

This was hand pieced with lovely stitches, the quilter did a nice job.The size is a full I believe or a wide single.

I haven't dated the fabrics but I am just guessing here maybe 50s or earlier. I soaked this for about 6 hours this morning, washed and put in dryer til just damp. I believe all the rust came out-it really is a lovely find.

I also found a vintage pair of pillow cases which I am glad now I picked up. and little pieces of china from Japan always catch my eye, the older hand painted pieces. I picked up a gorgeous little vase that was 80% off, when I looked at my receipt I only paid .40 for it-I am really pleased with that. I will try to take a photo of that piece later.

Well, I am dragging today, but need to get wood in under the house again cause winter is back tomorrow, or if not cold enough to snow, lots of rain.

Just came in for a little break and to take the quilt top out of the dryer catch ya later


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