Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Re Posting Some Cookbooks for Sale

Last December, I had posted several cookbooks to sell.

I decided to repost some of them again that are still left

The Pleasures of Italian Cooking by Romeo Salta Book Club edition 1962, harcover, very good condition, jacket cover normal wear due to age. can see here asking $8.00

Cool Entertaining by Irma Rhode first edition copy 1976, hard cover good condition. I couldn't find a photo of this one-a nice book asking $5.00

Mexican Cooking by Ruth Kershner and Josette Koch 1978, hard cover, good looking recipes couldn't find a photo on this one either, this is a thin book 78 pages, jacket cover has one tear asking $5.00

Norwood Pratt's Tea Lover's Treasury. seen here I have the first edition 1982 asking $5.00

Vegan Nutrition: Pure and Simple by Michael Klaper M.D. soft cover this the 3rd printing 1987 seen here mine is like new asking $12.00

here is a link to several books http://kathyinozarks.multiply.com/journal/item/1973/More_Cookbooks_Listed

and here too http://kathyinozarks.multiply.com/journal/item/1980/Last_of_the_Cookbooks


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