Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Sunday-sorting out all my fabric

It is almost 3 pm here, and it is still raining. Hoping it doesn't turn to ice tomorrow morning-that would not be nice.

Today is the only day so far I haven't turned on the olympics. I don't enjoy watching hockey and I think that is mostly whats on today.

I tackled the organization of my fabric last night-didn't realize it was 1 am til I took a shower and crawled into bed. Time does fly by on these kinds of projects. I started back up on it around 8 am or so this morning, and just now called it quits.

It seems my little craft room is in a bigger upheavel than before-as I took everything off of two shelves to re organize as well. I did go thru 4 boxes of fabric, and another big big box of mens shirts-so I got rid of all that sitting around. I now have one shelf full of homespuns, calicos, flannels, and the shirts all sorted out by color groups. wow I guess I need to find some guys that need a quilt as I have lots for making mens quilts. lol

I also sorted out the rest of my quilt fabric by color groups as well. Sandy is going thru her craft room too, and she gave me a big stack of homespuns and also of florals. Over christmas time an online quilt friend sent me a big box of very high end quilt fabrics that she didn't want any more-so I went thru that-and sorted by colors-and wow I can actually see what I have available now. giggling.

On a second shelf I have these little vintage wire baskets and I have them sorted out too by colors and types of all the little scraps that can still me made into things. Most of those were in boxes too. and I took another larger wire basket and filled it with all my hand dyes, rust dyes, and sun dyes so it is nice to have those all together in one spot too.

On a previous day I went thru all my neutrals, and all my started projects and put each into a bag and labeled it all so I could find those. I also went thru odds in batting and got rid of all the polyester and bagged up all the cotton batting.

My fabric shelves do look nice. Next is back to the books in that room, and see if I can get that down in size, and to finish bagging up fabric scraps to sell at the resale shop.

and then next up is go thru button and beads that sitting around, look in things to see what is in them-lol-

I think I will read a bit before figuring out supper

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today


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