Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Doings Here-Photos in Craft Room

We are not getting snow this week, but we are getting very very cold temperatures which I am also sick of. I know I am not as bad off as those of you getting hit again with snow-but I am frustrated with this cold weather and long long winter

On the plus side we had sunshine today, but now I see the winds have picked up again. Another plus is that we cut much more wood for the wood stoves last year figuring we would get ahead a half year, so we did not run out of firewood, which alot of locals here are doing. We will be doing good though to just make it thru the end of March into April if this unusual cold continues.

It took me several hours to get going this morning due to the cold house, I got the woodstove going good again in the living room, which my craft room is off of, so worked in there most of the day.

Above photos are of the area I have been working on. My desk and sewing machine is in this corner as well. The first one shows all my projects, batting, and muslin in bags. That green piece rolls down and is my quilting design wall.

The second photo is all my material, books organized, and those big black bags are of that organic cotton batting-all my shelves around the room are full of that-so need to get that used up for more room.

I didn't realize how totally out of control this room is, til I got serious about going thru stuff and clearing out. I have a huge corner filled up with odd scraps and stuff to take to the resale shop. Too bad we can only take in one bag every other week.

Today I organized again in the shelves area, and to see if I had books I could recycle. I have a small pile of christmas quilting and craft books and lots of magazines so will probably list those here real cheap before taking them into the resale shop.

I have lots of interest in the fiber world-sewing, quilting, dyeing, weaving, rug hooking, punch needle, needle felting, and the list goes on -lol-thats how it gets so filled up with stuff-oh and I also love leather so I have a huge stash of that too.

Another good thing, I can see most of the top of my big desk now-so I guess I am making some progress.

I need to grind up some flour again so I can bake, so I just may do that tomorrow and make some cookies. I have a taste for some chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal cookies.


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