Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Craft Room Project Today-and Sunday Doings

Wow, I actually see that I have a floor in one section of my room now-lol

This one corner was stacked high with stuff to take to resale shops. I also still have two big boxes of books to sell-one of them is left over from our exotic bird business and I still have some high end books in there. I have sold over half of what I had since our move here, but still would love to get these others sold too.

I don't like selling on ebay any more, so need to check out some other sources.

I did pack up three more boxes to take up to the resale shop; so those are ready to go out the door every other week. I also have a really big bag full of stuff to take on tuesday when we go. I also have 6 bigger items I can take too this week-so that'll definately give me back my space in the end.

I found a big bag of wool for projects that I don't have any more room for-so no more collecting of wool til I get a chance to use it up-weaving, or rug hooking. I also found the big bag of fabric I hand dyed for curtains here in the house-just waiting for Larry to get trim made-which he can't do til we get some warmer weather.

So for now I found a spot for those items. I also found another partial bolt of natural kona cotton which I use to dye with-so thats a good find as well.

I'm tired now, so no more of that for today. I did also wash up all the throw rugs in the house, which really needed getting done, but now that leaves vacuming up the house, which may not get done today.

Last fall I made up sollutions in big glass jars for dye projects. One is copper pieces in vinegar and water, and the other is rusty stuff in vinegar and water-these will be used as mordants in my natural dye projects to get different colors. I finally uncovered that at the bottom of the pile-and my copper glass jar is deteriating the rubber lid-and it really smells. So now I gotta figure put what to do with that. I don't want to lose my copper solution, but if I put it outside it will freeze-so that's my dilema at the moment.

Off to find some lunch, and maybe I can find another burst of energy-


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