Saturday, February 13, 2010

Knitted Hat Pattern

This pattern came in one of my fiber newsletters

February Knits:
Small projects for a wintry afternoon......

designed by Heidi Wulfraat

Berocco Peruvia Quick is now in stock

you'll need: 16" circular 6mm and 6mm dpns (or size to get gauge)
1 skein Berroco, Peruvia Quick
sized to fit 20 - 23" head Gauge: approx 3st/inch (the hat is flexible)
K1tbl: knit through the back of the next loop (stitch)
K1f+b: knit into the front AND the back of the next stitch
SSK: slip the next two sts as if to knit then knit slipped sts together

Cast on 54 st loosely, place marker and join.
Ribbing: Rows 1-4 (P1, K1) rep to end

R 1-5: (P1, K1tbl, P4) rep
R6: (P1{K1, Yo, K1}in the next stitch, P4) rep
R7: (P1, K3, P4) rep
R8: (K1, Yo, K1, Yo, K1, K1f+b, P2, P2tog) rep
R9: (K5, P5) rep
R10: (K2, Yo, K1, Yo, K2, K1f+b, P2, P2tog) rep
R11: (P5, K7) rep
R12: (K1f+b, P2, P2tog, K3, Yo, K1, Yo, K3) rep
R13: (P4, K9, P1) rep
R14: (P2, P2tog, K2tog, K5, SSK, K1f+b) rep
R15: (P3, K7, P2) rep
R16: (P1, P2tog, K2tog, K3, SSK, K1f+b, P1) rep
R17: (P2, K5, P3) rep
R18: (P2tog, K2tog, K1, SSK, K1f+b, P2) rep
R19: (P1, K3, P4) rep
R20: (P1, K2tog, SSK, slip right St over left St, P3) rep
R21: (P1, K1, P3) rep , 45 Sts remain
R22: Knit
R23: Knit, evenly decreasing 5 Sts
R24: Knit
R25: Knit, change to dpns, 10 on each of 4 needles
R26: (K1, SSK, K5, K2tog) rep
R27: (K1, SSK, K3, K2tog) rep
R28: (K1, SSK, K1, K2tog) rep
cut working yarn leaving a tail, draw through remaining 8 Sts, darn in ends.


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