Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ideas for all That Snow

Make the kids snow cones:

The native americans could have used maple syrup over fresh snow, I found this instructional blog

or on top of your snow cones-pour over some fruit juice, or kool-aid-made with less water, use your imagination


Snow Play-the Old Fashioned Way this has some fun ideas for the kids


How about making some snow ice cream? they have a video at this link, here is the recipe too:


Basic Recipe:

1 cup of milk
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Large bowl of clean snow

Before beginning make sure all ingredients are available and nearby, then make sure the children wash their hands. I had gone out to scoop the clean snow, and made sure the bowl was handy by the back door too.

First, measure the sugar into a bowl and add the milk and vanilla. Mix thoroughly until the sugar is dissolved. Next add the snow and mix until it resembles ice cream - You may need to cut the snow into the mixture vs. "mixing" it.

If you would like other flavors, replace the vanilla with chocolate syrup, puree some bananas or strawberries and add them, or add any flavor you and your family will enjoy, the sky is the limit!

Eat and enjoy!!!


Don't have any snow and want some? Here is how to make snow


So if you are home on a snow day-go have some fun in the snow-lol-be a kid again

Snowman.jpg Snowman image by nkdancer22

snow_angel.jpg picture by kathyinozarks

(last two photos found on photobucket)


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