Monday, February 15, 2010

"Doings" Here Today

Well, yesterday I just did not accomplish a thing, well I did go thru a fabric stash, but today I am getting more things done.

I got a big bag ready to go out of the house and off to the resale shop. Sandy and I are getting ourselves back on schedule to take a bag or box in every other week, which is their schedule. and I will also will donate a few bags to the animal thrift shop.

My craft room has just gotton totally out of control, and I can't move around in there any more-lol Alot of stuff got accumulated in there to get rid of, and I need to go thru my craft stash and get rid of stuff I know I won't use. as my room sits now, I can't even begin to use my looms.

Larry's cake turned out beautiful. I used organic unbleached flour, and organic sugar. In the past I have had troubles getting the organic sugar incorporated well in the mix. When that happens you don't get a nice rise, and it turns out more like a pound cake instead of a light angel food cake. I also used large cage free brown eggs which also gives us a beautiful color and nice rise.

I don't have any of my flours ground, used the last of it up the other day, so decided to make up one of the gf chocolate cakes-I really love the moistness and flavor of Bob's Red Mills Mix-I change the butter to light olive oil to keep the cholesterol down, but I think it makes the cake lighter and moister too.

and a nice surprise my christmas cactus is full of blooms-a sign of spring and warmer weather ahead-someday-hehehe

I also have the olympics on, so am catching the events as I do laundry and bake.


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