Thursday, February 11, 2010

Herbs in Winter

Some thursdays I miss our herb thursday posts It is something some of us started on yahoo 360 and I really did enjoy researching them out, and reading others posts on herbs. We had stopped this for awhile due to lack of interest, but I thought of herbs this morning.

I ran into this really nice article on searching out your herb perennial bed during winter during little thaws you will find several herbs with fresh green growth-perfect for your winter stews and such.

From Care 2-

The flavor associated with winter is salty. But rather than relying on table salt, learn to enjoy the wonderful mineral rich seaweeds such as kelp, nori, hiziki, and dulse which can be used to season food. Also, Celtic and Himalayan salt contain more minerals, as indicated by their colors. Black colored foods such as black sesame seeds, uncured black olives, and chia seeds make wonderful warming winter condiments.

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and here is an article with photos on herbs the author found safely under the snow snow garden

Winter Herb Pasta

and a recipe for Herb Winter Pasta


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