Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Saturday

The sun is out shining bright on this cold brisk morning. It just does not want to warm up back to normal around here. I won't complain too much though, after hearing about all the intense weather happenings elsewhere.

I am finishing up baking my gluten free chocolate chip cookies, the oven will warm up the center of the house a bit this morning, and I should get finished just before we need to leave to pick up our Angel Food order this morning. This month I just ordered 2 of their fresh fruit and veggie boxes. Working on cleaning out the freezer before I order more meats.

It promise to warm to 40 this afternoon, so perhaps I can be outside a bit. Nikita and I had a lovely longer walk yesterday-due to the sunshine and a little warmer temps.

On my last post I listed some quilting and craft books I am selling, if interested do take a look, I need to make room for some new books-lol

Enjoy your saturday.


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