Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Friday-and my Little Vase

This is my little vase from Japan I picked up for .40 cents. It really does amaze me what we can find between the two resale shops we go to.

I have my eye now on two very old pottery bowls, that are yellowish and have a carved design in them., carved too in the bottom USA, and they are heavy-will go with my pottery bowl collection. They are marked now at $18.00 a piece so will keep my eye on them for when they go half off if the pieces haven't sold by then.

We are getting a bit of warm up, in the 40s but we have alot of rain moving in-rather rain than snow-The house stays very comfortable with the wood stoves, as long as we don't get down to those 20s and lower-which has been the case most of this winter. I told Larry when it is time for the ac this year, I will probably set it at 80 or 85 cause I have been soooo cold these past few months.

I am off to do the months bills-hoping the last of the Multiply "move" goes without a hitch.


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