Thursday, January 14, 2010

Remembering the Civil War in Quilts

Next year will be the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Already many states are planning events, and also the quilt world is doing the same.

I thought I would share some quilt patterns, and also a civil war block of the month that will be starting-so you can finish it in time for the anniversary.

I like the following pattern:

more information here

This one is a block of the month program that starts this month and the fabrics are all civil war era reproductions by Marcus Many quilt shops are sponsoring this one. More information here

and this link shows you all the fabrics

I personally am not one to make a kit, I don't want to make something that everyone else has. It is true with the second pattern you can change all the colors to make the quilt your own.

I have been collecting reproduction civil war era fabrics so I can design my own tribute for that era. I like to study the time period to see what style quilts would have been made in that time era, what type of quilting, and then make one similiar.

Here are some sites with historical information:

Lots of photos of completed civil war quilts here

from here

This "Civil War Reproduction Bar Quilt" measures 62" x 84".

Civil War Reproduction quilt made by Eileen M. Adams, of Rehoboth, MA. The fabrics are all Civil War reproduction fabrics, reproduction shirting prints, or "homespun" fabrics. The quilt was machine-quilted.


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