Thursday, January 21, 2010

My "Doings" (just a little political commenting as well)

This morning is definately a different day than yesterday. Big T booms at 4 in the morning brought our Nikita indoors, that gave way to a little lightening and a very hard rain for several minutes. That gave way now to just a cold rain-which looks like it has settled in for the day, along with dropping temps.

We knew that "Spring in January" would not last, and we really have no room for complaints considering what other areas of our country and the world are going thru-but I do miss those warmer temps already. So I am back to getting some fires going in the woodstoves. The house already has a chill to it.

Larry is gone for the day, so to conserve on wood, I will probably only run one woodstove-in the bedroom, and perhaps attempt my hand quilting again, or what I really need to accomplish is to defrost one of my big commercial freezers-which the big job of that is emptying it-and then putting everything back in lol, and to clean and sanitize my frig. too. But so far I am not too motivated to get into that project.

as for my political commenting:

I feel hopeful again for our country with the election of Scott Brown. Not that he ran as a Republican-but that he ran to call attention to the fact that our country is the Peoples country and Everyone on capitol hill needs to be reminded of that.

(see my last link-an excellent written article about this)

Capitol Hill needs to Listen to the People whom they represent and then do business accordingly-not these deals behind closed doors, and that they think that they know what we need, and just their arrogance-even Pelosi still doesn't get it-she is driven to pass a healthcare bill still-right now- no matter what it's content or effect will be on the American people. (I don't know if most of us have figured this out yet-but as this bill stands today-it does not matter how poor you are or how wealthy you are-whether you have insurance already or have none-you will be fined or taxed in some way on your irs forms-which is obsurd.)

For me; the next best thing that should happen, is this bill needs to be thrown in the trash-and to start frest-and President O should be suggesting and demanding that this occur. President O also needs to prove to the People that he is a natural born citizen as required in our Constituition-as this is still coming up again as it enters the courts. If he truly is a natural born citizen then why does he refuse to produce all the documents?? Do you realize the mess this country will be in, if it comes out that he is not elgible to sit in the oval office as our President? Everything he has signed or done will not be legal?

Now to go accomplish something today-or not-lol

Just a note, this year when ever I post a political link or have political content in my blogs-I will state this in the title so you can chose to read or not to.


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