Saturday, January 30, 2010

My "Doings" Here

Turned out to be a gorgeous sunny afternoon, snow is glistening, no wind, and has warmed up to 29 degrees.

I bundled up with snow boots and all-as the snow here is really deep, and fed corn to the deer, and put out wild bird food too.

I took Nikita for a walk-and she had much fun romping thru the snow, and sticking her nose into all the track prints-lol

I decided to walk up our long driveway to check the mail-our drive is snow covered and a real mess, so decided I could use the extra walk for exercise anyways. The tire tracks were already changing to ice-so glad I just walked up. well the snow plows must have just gone thru-as they "took out" our mailbox.

We made a real hillbillie mailbox-we sunk the post into an old milkcan to the right height for the mailbox, and filled it to the top with cement. We are right on a curve and the plows always do this to us-so actually better in the end-nothing gets broken-just have to drag the milkcan up the hill a bit and put back in place-lol-really heavy though-My mail was in there-so the plows must have just gone by.

I am catching up on laundry, and about to make some potatoe soup-will use chicken broth as a base, cook cauliflower up seperately and then cream in the blender, pour into the soup base, and add some cooked potatoes. Will serve with some fat pork chops too I think.

I also tood a few photos, one is of my gluten free raisin bread-which I really enjoyed, and a few photos out in the snow, and edge of the ponds


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