Monday, January 4, 2010

A little Morning Update-We Got Sunshine

I decided to just bundle up in lots of layers and see what I could accomplish this morning

I should just stop, but I don't like bundling up twice in the same day-lol

Got the two 50# bags of corn manuvered around and into a big container-fed the deer out by the tree line.

Manuvered the rest of the birdseed around too-and filled up all the feeders for them. I bought a mix of seed that had dried berries, cherries, hearts of nuts and seeds-and they definately love that-the bag smells heavenly.

I got the wood rack pretty much emptied and into the house by the two woodstoves-about 2 wheel barrel fulls, now to refill the rack-which is a task.

So I swept with a broom; a path from the woodpile to the gate-this is a really light fluffy sparkling diamond type snow-gorgeous really with the sun shining on it-so was easy to sweep a path.

It must be warming up a bit, as I just came in to give my back a break, and take off one of my layers. I am discovering wool again-I haven't had to wear it down hear since the 2007 ice storm-and I had forgotten why I love wool so much. I have a big thick virgin wool sweater on-I found it for .50 last summer at a garage sale. I also found some wool mittens and scarves my Mom had knitted me years and years ago-so they are coming in handy now too. That is my biggest problem-keeping my fingers from freezing.

I am gearing up for the minus temps and storm coming thru on wednesday thru next weekend.

I am off to get in more wood


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