Monday, January 4, 2010

Good Morning Monday

I got up around 6 am and it was 8 degrees, thinking that's not as bad as they said it would be, got the woodstove going and went in my craft room to find some fabric.

I need to find some black fabric in my stast to go with some real bright colors for love blocks we are making a quilt for one of the ladies in my quilt group. well, an hour later no black cotton to be had. I didn't think I had any, but was hoping perhaps to find some scraps of black that I may have aquired. It is not a color I would buy. Nope nada. so I decide to go online to buy some-bummer even when I found the kona cotton black I wanted on sale it still was almost 10.00 for 1 yard with the shipping added. bummed I decide to wait, and will ask my neighbor Sandy if she has some in her stash-can replace it later.

The roads here are too bad to go shopping this week.

I need to refill the wood up near the house today, and feed the deer, birds, get some of the 50# bags we bought the other day moved around-but its just sooo cold. I just checked and now its colder than it was when I got up 3 degrees feels like minus 6 degrees-I am not looking forward to this week-the temps are getting colder every day oh well what can ya do?-we can't fight mother nature.

I am off to make me a bowl of hot grits, and decide about bundling up to go outside.

I found this photo of old man winter

Old Man Winter At Beaver Creek Resort


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