Friday, January 15, 2010

Feels like Spring-my Doings

I am loving our warm up, we are in the 40s and some days almost 50s, very humid though and this morning thick fog-but so much warmer now. I love it.

I hear the west coast now will get the brunt of the worse storms-from Texas-California and to Oregon with lots and lots of hard rain storms-so be safe if you live there.

With no acorns this season and few nuts, I started feeding the deer cracked corn, and I bought them a protein block as well. We enjoy watching them, and I like helping them out thru the ice and snow packed arctic weather we had earlier. I also enjoy feeding the birds, but this year the deer are eating most of the seed up before the birds, so I know they are having a hard time finding food. Hopefully with this warmer weather, they will find more to eat. There are ptaches of green popping up all over too.

I re filled the wood rack yesterday, and then collapsed last night-lol. Still pretty sore this morning, but at least my back did not "go out" and thats a good thing. Will do some stretch exercises for it today.

I am hoping to finish up washing all the rugs, give the house a good going over, and settle in this weekend to Football-fun!

I am having a difficult time with my hand quilting project. I am getting used to sewing on a frame and not in my lap-which is a big difference, but I am also having alot of troubles getting the right needle to handle this batting. Even though I took a whole garbage bag full of the batting out-it is still difficult to hand quilt. I am thinking in the future I will use this batting for pillow stuffing, and also learn to machine quilt with it on Sandys long arm. Or I need to remember to make sure I have this batting really really thin.-lol I hope to tackle this again later today.

I am readind up again on the early 1800s quilts-what fabrics they used, and what block designs and so forth.(also see my last post) I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new book I ordered on coverlets-this is an in depth study as to the weaving methods and patterns of coverlets during this same time frame. It should be here either saturday or monday.

Off to check some laundry and grab another cup of coffee.

Enjoy your friday!!


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