Saturday, December 26, 2009

Where is the Loaded Flintlock when I Need One??-lol

It is still sooooo cold and very very windy still today, and there is alot of ice all over too, so stayed inside most of the day feeding the two woodstoves.

I did still take Nikita out for our walk, and then I filled up the open dish wild bird feeders.

So this afternoon, while going thru my sources to figure out some quilting motifs, I look up and there is a herd of at least 7 deer up close to the house-eating all the newly put out bird food. Larry was sound asleep taking a nap or I would have asked him to get his primitive flintlock ready to shoot-tomorrow is the last of the gun season and for muzzleload only. I don't even have my Remingotn modern muzzleload ready. So I guess no more venison in the freezer for this year. lol But the "show" was way too muc fun.

The deer were in no hurry either, they hung around the backyard for about an hour. a big doe and little buck were fighting over the bird seed, and then all of a sudden they are all looking toward the corner of the house and stomping their feet-I look-and there is Autumn walking right towards all the deer-He is not afraid of anything and always causing caos-lol. What does he do??-he joins the deer eating the seed-and they let him! Just too funny.

If you blow up the photos you can see better, I took these inside the bay window and I always forget how to turn the flash off-so photos come out dark, and Larry lightens them up enough to view. Check towards the front around the feeders to find a couple deer and Autumn too in a couple of them, and look in the back by the tree line and you will see more deer.


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