Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Cookbook Project

Just finished going thru and reorganizing my cookbooks, herbs, and natural healing books.

These are on industrial type shelving, they match in with my restaurant Wolf stove, and they have wide shelves and are very sturdy-so I can fill em up heavy and not worry about it-lol

For now, I didn't make alot of new room, especially since the I have a couple shelves on the bottom with some appliances-my champion juicer, pasta maker, big George Foreman grill, attachments to cuisanart and meat grinder, and a meat slicer too. Hopefully these will all find a home in kitchen cabinets-once Larry gets those built.

I did, reorganize, get rid of stuff not needed on these shelves, and I can actually see some sense of groupings by subject manner, and I can get to my books easier. So I am happy about this, I may actually be able to find a cookbook title-lol

I will add a couple more titles tomorrow morning early, but no herbs, I do have a couple books on natural healing and candida guidebooks.

Another thing I collect, and I finally quit buying food magazines-as I have always gone thru these magazines and clip recipes I think I will use-and then I put these in folders by subject manner. This collection is way out of hand as well. I already went thru some of the folders and have filled a garbage bag full of paper. Just too much, as these folders are not so I can get to them easy. They were shoved on the bottom shelf where I can't really use them, so will need to find a better sollution. Working on reducing the volume of these at least.

cloudy today, so can't make my christmas candy, today is my football day, but the Packers are on tonight, and the Vikings are on tomorrow night-so I have the chiefs and the broncos on-gotta have a little football-lol

Larry's working on putting in our oak doors to our rooms, that will be something-doors-hehe


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