Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Cookbooks Listed

Also see this post for titles still available

Better Homes and Gardens Creative Cake Decorating I have the hard cover edition 1983. this is a thin little book, but packed with good recipes and clever ideas for cakes can view here on the paper back edition the price was all over the place up to $45.00. I would like to find this one a good home so it can be used. very good condition. Asking $12.00

Chicago Sweet Tooth by Ann Gerber hard cover 1985 first edition. this is a book with recipes from prominent Chicago people-has some very good recipes this book has no jacket in very good condition asking $10.00

Light Desserts Beatrice Ojakangas hard cover 1989 by oxmoor house. In good condition but has two little spots on the spine that look like wax. asking $5.00

Cooking Light Cookbook by Oxmoor House I have four of these all in like new condition. all very nice books 1989 asking $10.00

1990 asking $10.00

1991 asking $10.00

1992 asking $10.00

If you take all 4 of these books will sell for $36.00

The Frugal Gourmet by Jeff Smith this is a paperback in very good condition 21st printing 1990 based on his tv series asking $3.00

The Frugal Gourmet Cooks 3 Ancient Cuisines China Greece Rome by Jeff Smith I have a first edition hardcover 1989 copy. no paper jacket. However, this is in fair condition and not in gift quality condition. has a few stains, and some of the pages on the bottom edges are creased. It has really good recipes in it, so is a nice book for personal use. asking $3.00 (if you would like photos ask)

The Frugal Gourmet Cooks American by Jeff Smith hard cover first edition 1987, with paper jacket-it does have the price of $12.00 printed in the corner with permanent marker-other than that in very good condition. asking $10.00

TVP Cookbook by Dorothy Bates paperback 1991 in very good condition. This is a very good little book with recipes that uses the texturized vegetable protein and explains how to use it. (this is a protein food product made from soybeans) can view here asking $5.00

Home Cooking with Amy Coleman volume 2 this is a book sponsored by Kitchenaid and based on a show that was on PBS. This is a pretty book with very good recipes in it. very gourmet but useable recipes. asking $5.00

Fresh Meals by Rodale paper back 2003, recipes from the editors of organic style magazine. very good condition, a nice book. this is another one where the price was all over the place up to $45.00 asking $5.00 couldn't find a photo.

Mom's Family Recipes the complete menu cookbook. soft cover 1998 by Kappa books printed in usa, couldn't find a photo or an author. This is one of those "feel good" books, at least to one that enjoys sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading cookbooks.the pages are a bit yellowed-a very homey feeling book good recipes too asking $8.00

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook by the editors of Vegetarian Times. this is a large soft cover book with over 600 meatless dishes 1995 like new condition can view here and look inside the book too asking $10.00

Taste of Home's Sargento Recipe Collection 50th anniversary cheese cookbook this is a special edition with over 160 recipes-all cheese related. this is a glossy cover special magazine edition. 2003 no ads I couldn't find a price for this, a very nice collection of recipes asking $3.00

Womans Day Specials Slow Cooking a magazine new ideas series 2004 has 65 family friendly recipes of soups, stews, roasts and more. will throw this one in to the first person that asks for it when buying a book from this list, or asking $2.00

Thanks for looking, I prefer payment thru paypal (as money is immediate and I can ship the next day too) but will accept a check (this way will wait a week til check clears), I will ship book rate-media mail-cheapest way for books thru usps


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