Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Doings

We were fairly warm this morning, no sun, but not alot of wind yet, so I decided to go to town, do some errands like pay taxes, license plates, and go to wal mart. Of course wal mart is always a bigger trip than planned-but I bought hopefully the last of the stuff we need for at least 3 weeks-hope so anyways lol This saturday we are picking up a big angel food order too, so we should be set thru New Years, when our Illinois friend may drive down again for another visit

Mama Bear (this recipe is set for her network) posted a recipe for beef brisket-the smoked version sounds sooo good and I do have a smoker, but the weather is changing to bitter cold again, it's already blowing in; so I checked online and found a nice looking recipe from Tyler Florence here Those of you that have made this-what do you think of Tylers recipe??

I am surprising Larry with a hanukkah meal this week. I bought a beautiful looking 5 # beef brisket, which I have never in my life prepared before, and I will attempt the potato latkes too. I also found a recipe for spinach balls, but I forgot to buy the parmesean cheese so will probably just serve another green veggie.

I bought more stuff for candy making and cooking baking, why?? I dont know-lol, I really don't have that many people to pass it on to, but christmas for me was always spent in the kitchen with my mom and my late little sister-so when I spend time in the kitchen it makes me happy. so thats my christmas to myself I suppose.

Yeh!! the Vikings won again yesterday, but would some football team out there please beat the colts????? I really don't like them and wish they would get beat. lol

I need to make at least one more christmas card this week, I am having fun playing with mistyfuse for the first time-very cool stuff. This must be a small enough company yet, as when I send them an email they are very helpful and respond right away.

I need to eat something, figure out what we are going to have for supper, and perhaps make up a batch of biscotti-that was really excellent. I am also getting the woodstoves going as the wind howls outside and the temps drop-Later


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