Friday, December 25, 2009

A Little Doings Here and Photo of my Quilt on frame

Dinner went well, I served around 2 in the afternoon. It is still very very windy and bitter cold around 12 degrees here, not figuring in the wind chills. I think it has actually gotton colder since this morning, we are having a difficult time keeping the wood stoves cranking out heat-some of the older windows have ice on the inside-so is definately colder here than normal.

I just took a photo of my quilt in the frame, anxious to try this out. I am working on some quilt designs, thinking of leaves in the green sashings, and I found a daisy pattern that if we can blow it up to fit the 12 inch blocks I think I want to go with that, as there are alot of flowers in the fabrics. Perhaps feathers in the outer border. Our bedroom is huge, so the quilt frame can sit in front of the big bay window, is near the wood stove, and there is a ceiling light above too, I may also need to get floor light that I can put right on the area where I am working-will need to see how it goes.


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