Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last of the Cookbooks

New Offers and a link to other cookbooks available here

Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Balch large soft cover mine is 1990 edition. This is an excellent book, I have a newer edition too so decided to sell this one. if you look up a condition example arthritis it will describe this condition, then offer advice on nutrients and herbs, recommendations, considerations, and comments. I did find a photo of this edition but is selling upwards to $25.00. I am asking $10.00

The Doctors Book of Home Remedies by Rodale Thousands of Tips and Techniques Anyone can use to heal evereyday health problems. Hardcover 1990 edition, very good condtion, I always enjoy reading any of the Rodale books and this is another good one. can view here This is another one of the books where the price is all over the place up in the 40.00 range--asking $12.00 for mine

The Yeast Connection Cookbook by Crook and Jones a guide to good nutrition and better health, alot of gluten free recipes in this book, soft cover very good condition can view here another book where the price is all over the place--asking $10.00

wow-I just looked up a book that is selling from under 4.00 jumped up to 30.00 than 50.00 than 2,000.00-just wrote the seller why this selling price-needless to say more research on that one-lol

Sanyo Microwave Bake and Broil Cookbook hardcover,spiral book 1985. This cookbook came with a convection microwave oven we bought. Trouble is whenever I used the convection feature with aluminum foil-I would goof and hit microwave-after fixing it twice Larry said no more-and I really did love that oven too lol. I didn't expect to find this book listed but I did here good recipes in here I am asking $15.00

I also have several years of Veggie Life would like $1.00 an issue for, they are full of excellent recipes

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