Thursday, December 17, 2009

It Could Always be Worse

When ever I would get down about life stuff, my father would always tell me, you know it really is not all that bad, things will work out, and someone beside's you always has it worse off than you.

I have been reminded how true this is today.

I retired from the phone company at the end of 2003 with 25 years. If I would have stayed and gone for 30 years I would have had to commute 2 hours each way by train to downtown Chicago-no thank you, especially since our hours changed daily according to seniority, as did days off each week. At that time our office was surplus, and was offering $150,000.00 packages for us to leave-I really wanted that money-but this was taxed money, and I needed my "time in" with my pension secured and health benefits secured before I could take that offer. Alot of girls got lucky and were able to get their pensions and take that money. So I was always upset about that. I could have worked til the end of December 2003 as they offered that money again at that time, but we needed to finish packing and moving to Missouri and I didn't want to do that during the winter months.

So I get upset about that extra money sometimes, but at the same time so thankful to be living in a more beautiful place and have my pension too.

I just got an email from my friend that just retired out recently, and she informed me that the phone company just announced the closing of our office-with no chance of transfers anywhere else within the company. My friend is naming off all these friends I know who are 4 days short of their pension, 2 years short, 4 years short-can you imagine being that close to your life's pension and have it all taken away? I am so sick over this sad news.

Prayers for all these people who have just had their lives turned upside down and at Christmas time too.


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