Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Recipe Share Fridays--Christmas Eve and Day Dinner

Christmas Eve Dinners are often large feasts. Because Christmas is a global holiday, Christmas Eve traditions, including the types of dinners served and eaten, vary largely from country to country and culture to culture.

For example, in America some families prefer a meal similar to a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, while others dine on kielbasa (Polish sausage), cabbage, soup, ham, casseroles or lasagna. Still others prefer ham, or even going out to a restaurant for a meal fancier than one would want to prepare at home.

Taken from here with lots more information, global traditions and recipes

When I was growing up at home, Christmas dinner was almost always spent with my Grandma on the farm, lots of food and lots of cousins to play with. We would go to a midnight candlelight service at our Methodist church Christmas eve, but Mom would never allow us to open any presents til Christmas morning. Sometimes day would persuade her to let us open one gift-as when he was a boy they always opened their gifts on christmas eve.

I know we always had wonderful home baked goodies that we made to eat and share, and Grandma always had a whole kitchen full too, I think we usually had a turkey dinner.

Thru the years I always worked all the sundays and holidays I could get, cause that's where I could make alot of overtime, we didn't have children, and no family close by, but I always found time to bake for us and to give away for gifts, and I always prepared a nice meal for us, that many years included friends that were away from their family and loved ones too.


Enough of all my ramblings on-if you would like to share recipes, traditions of your Christmas eve and day-please tell us about it here in comments or link us to your blog post.


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