Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Morning

A little snow here this morning-always pretty in the woods.

However, we are in for some more very very cold temps to welcome in the New Year. We have had so much rain here, that although the wood pile is covered up well-it is damp and some of it really wet-so we had a difficult time getting some heat going. If it warms up this afternoon, need to see if I can find some dryer wood.

I found some more flower motifs that I should be able to quilt with-decided in the 6 inch and 4 inch blocks to quilt a flower, and the rest of the blocks will outline them. In the green sashing -flowers in the corners and the rest leaves, in the neutral border-tulips, and not sure yet on the outer most border. probably cross hatching.

Gotta go to town this morning, we ordered a shot that prevents getting shingles. I had never heard of this before and is advised to take when you reach 60 years of age. My insurance does not pay for shots and these are 400.00 if I get it at the doctors office-yikes. So I called around and I can get for half at Walgreens, and a little cheaper at our health dept. so I ordered one for Larry, and today I will order mine. Anyone else take this shot? My doctor said he doesn't go along with some stuff out there like the h1n1 they are pushing, but he definately advises to take this one.

Enjoy your Wednesday


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