Thursday, December 17, 2009

Anyone Else up Early Making Chistmas Goodies This Morning??

For some reason I have been waking up around 4 am, can't get back to sleep so just get up-add logs to the woodstove and play on the computer a bit-catch up on emails and such.

Again this morning, but today I decided I am going to make my Grandma's crunchy bars. I bought all the ingredients, this was my very most favorite recipe at christmas time that my grandma made for us-and she made pans and pans of this as there were lots of grandkids. Thru the years I don't think I have ever been successful with this recipe. I don't always do good with candy recipes that need thermometers-lol

I have had a real taste for this treat again so today was the morning. I dove right in and did a double batch as I didn't want to do this twice hehe. It's very simple, fantastic when it turns out, and when it doesn't turn out it either is too hard-like the purchased rice krispie treats, or too soft and won't stick together.

You must use cream, Grandma used her own from her farm, but in the store you have to buy the whipping cream.

Everything was going well, but the thermometer was stuck on 220 and wouldn't rise, after 10 minutes I get out another thermometer-same thing won't go over the 220 and I need to get to the soft ball stage. So I am waiting and waiting, the candy is getting a little dark now-I am starting to panic a bit-oh no not again-I don't want it all to burn-then I remember Grandma Never used a thermometer she always used that ice water test-so I get out books quick to find the information on that, no luck, then I remember my old Joy of Cooking book-that will have it-and it did-so I do the test-and its perfect Right now-but the thermometer still says 220-so I take it off pour it over the mix-and Yeh!!perfectly made-Happy Dancing Here

Here is a copy of the recipe-it is included in that 2006 link in my last blog.

Crunchy Bars

This recipe comes from my Grandma Jones. She always made many pans of this treat at Christmas time. It would not be Christmas at Grandmas if we did not have these. This recipe does NOT work to change any of the ingredients-I have tried. So if I want to make these I have to bite the bullet and use ingredients as given.

1 cup sugar

1 cup cream-no subsitutes allowed

1 cup white corn syrup

2 cups crispy rice cereal

5 cups cornflakes

2 cups salted peanuts

Cook sugar, cream, and syrup to the softball stage.

Remove from heat and pour over the cereal and nuts.

Mix well and pack into a well buttered pan.

When cool cut into squares.


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