Saturday, November 21, 2009

What Do you Collect?

This was started by our friend Susan Agnes also posted

I finally got this posted-lol-Larry has a "bug" to go thru the rest of our boxes that are in the house-He wants to see what we have left to uncover-and clear the hallway so he can work on the walls, ceiling, and tile.

We uncovered so more of my pottery after I took these photos, found my better dishes and then discovered I am missing my box of good china from Japan-sigh we either lost it somehow on one of moving trips down, and we will discover it somewhere on the property-so good thoughts please that I find it someday

I am now to figure out something for supper, good thing-we went thru LOTS of boxes, and I repacked the better stuff in boxes that will fit safely under our bed til we get cabinets. have my pottery out in plain view again, and we are down now to lots of boxes of clothes, coats, and stuff like that-yeh!! Progress being made.


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