Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pies Completed

Four pies made raisin pie, apple pie, pumpkin pie, gluten free pumpkin pie-our guests have 4 little dogs that are their "kids", so I put a little scottie on that pumpkin pie, and on mine a put a turkey in the middle. You can blow up all these photos to large size as well

All the laundry caught up too and finished.

To do list: run the vacum, put clean rugs down, set the table, get organized for tomorrow, pray the turkey is defrosted-lol My neighbor works at wal mart and they are having a sale .40 a pound for turkeys til christmas-she picked me up a 24 pound one-wow! I haven't cooked that a big a one in many years-lol. I got it yesterday late-so I have been soaking him in cold water.


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