Thursday, November 5, 2009

Doings Here in My Woods

I did some more laundry and was able to hang it out on the line again, rugs, blankets, etc.

I also have been cleaning and protecting more wood furniture pieces today.

Arranged Larrys room a bit so we could get 3 cots in there for our friends that are coming down in a week.

We were hoping to get our new mattress this week, but I talked with them today and our mattress must have just missed the delivery truck yesterday, as they said our area gets delivered on thursdays and fridays and we are not scheduled til next week-so that is a big dissappointment.

However, on a good note our sheets have been made and are in the mail now, so should get those tomorrow or monday, and our manican arrived-cool!! When we have him all dressed up in Larry's mountainman clothes I will take a photo.

Today I also cleaned up two trunks. I took photos of the older wooden one, its on it's side in the photos. I really like how it cleaned up. and Larry has an elk hide that he has had for a very long time, and the hair is falling out now-soooo he suggested if I soak it down and add wood ashes to it that have been mixed with water, and roll it up-in a couple days the hair can be brushed off, and we can use the hide to make soles for slippers and boots, and stuff-so I like that project.

Off to finish watching Bones


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