Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rain Rain and More Rain Today

The rains started early am this morning, and it's still raining. One good thing is the temperatures-we are still in the 60s, and 50s tonight before the temps drop tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.

and the leaves are falling-and falling too-lol acutally gorgeous, picturesque today.

We left to go to town early, picked up all the socket covers for the bedroom, and those ceiling pieces that fit into the holes for air conditioning vents, paint for the two windows in that room too. Also went for my 6 month check up with the dentist, so we had a full morning.

This afternoon I finished scrubbing a corner of the bedroom floor, and also started washing down one of the windows that will get painted.

Fixed another big crock full of hot apple slices with cinnamon-yummy-I love hot apples. These are those cortlands-really nice don't need any sweetening.

We both pooped out early afternoon, from all the extra work we have been doing-so a nice lazy late afternoon and evening.

More rain most of the night and tomorrow too. We have had more rain this year on a continuous basis since spring-that I can remember since we moved here fall of 2003. We always say it fills up our ponds, underground rivers, and our wells.

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful fall day too-depending on where you live.


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