Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Sunday-Photos Too

We got all the walls painted with time to spare for clean up-so perfect for me to watch my game-Vikings with my my fav. qb Brett Favre. He already has 2 touchdowns-yeh!!!
Our bedroom is really big, I wanted a large room with a hearth and wood stove. I wanted this room to be very warm, cozy, and 1830's-1860's feel. Sandy helped me pick the color for the walls, I went a little darker than she might have, but the color range we looked at-all would have worked out well. We took a small rock with to match up, it is in the sienna browns, and there are several large rocks in the wall Larry is rocking around the wood stove that matches this. We already laid a very large hearth for the wood stove. THe photos of the rocks, need to be cleaned up, and then sealed-after that the colors will pop in the rocks, and match in with these walls.
We also will be hanging alot of hides on the walls, the wall to left as you walk in the room, we will hang alot of my cast iron collection. We will also have alot of cast iron on the shelves in the rock walls, and around the wood stove. Also old crocks will go in this room, trunks, etc. etc-A couple of vintage rocking chairs, perhaps my spinning wheel, and I would like to set up my quilt frame for hand quilting.
After we started painting more of the walls-I knew we did good with the color, I love it. It is definately warm and comfy when you walk in the room. Still a little touch up to do, because of the thick texture, but we have just enough paint left over for that.
We don't have the money to do the floor right now, so that will have to wait. We want to put in a real wood floor, when we have the money we will visit the amish saw mills and see what is available.
I captured the color pretty well in the photos, except perhaps the richness of the color.
HPIM2588-1.jpg picture by kathyinozarks
This next one-the wall will have the cast iron hanging on the wall. We are going to put strips of wood across the wall-add hooks-and then the cast iron pieces
HPIM2587.jpg picture by kathyinozarks
HPIM2586.jpg picture by kathyinozarks


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